For most students who are going to do an internship in Curaçao, it is not immediately the highest priority that is at the top of the priority list and dangles somewhere far, far below, but for some it is; how and where did I actually wash my clothes on Curaçao? A nice question, we will discuss this further in this blog.

Washing in your student house

There are indeed student houses can be found in Curaçao with a washing machine. If this is a requirement for you, please indicate this in the filters during the search process on our website to a suitable student house for you. Please note that washing is an expensive affair in Curaçao. This is due to the high water and electricity costs. These are on average 7 times higher than in the Netherlands. The costs of the washing machine are therefore often not included in your rent.

Another, but much cheaper solution is hand washing. It may sound a bit strange, old-fashioned and maybe even a bit shabby, but it really works perfectly. And especially important for the poor student who prefers to spend their money on much nicer things, it costs little or almost nothing! You grab a bowl, throw in a little suds, the clothes you want to have washed and hop, .. ready. Let this brew soak for a few hours and turn the wax every now and then to make it nice and fresh again.

After your clothes have become nice and fresh again, you look at one of your fellow residents of your student house or help me wring it out. Once wrung out, hang the wet clothes in the sun. You will experience that laundry dries very quickly on Curaçao, the combination of sun and cool sea breeze works perfectly.

Bringing laundry to a laundrette on Curaçao

Another option is to take your laundry to a launderette. You see launderettes everywhere on Curaçao, this is because the purchase of a washing machine and the accompanying costs are often too expensive for the local population. In addition, a washing machine does not have a long life in Curaçao, this is due to all the sand that goes into the wash and the salty sea air that causes everything to rust.

The costs at a launderette are on average 15 ANG (guilders) per wash of +/- 7 kilos. For a small extra charge, your clothes are also ironed and folded for you, how ideal. Often you can pick up the laundry a day later.

So with your dirty laundry on Curaçao you will be fine, there are plenty of options to choose from 😉