Not all student houses and apartments, the so-called housing in Curaçao, work with electricity meters as you are used to in the Netherlands, but with a so-called “Pagatinu” system. Do you also want to know which types of accommodations there are on Curaçao and which are best suited for you? Check out our blog Type of housing on Curaçao.

What is the difference between a normal meter and a Pagatinu system?

In the Netherlands it works that you pay an advance on your consumption every month, this is done for gas, water and electricity consumption. In addition, you are requested to submit the meter readings once a year with which the final consumption is calculated. You will receive a final invoice for this. Either you have paid too much and you get back on your monthly advance or you have used more and you unfortunately have to pay extra, which are always setbacks 😉. Nowadays these meter readings are often read digitally 1x per year and you no longer have to submit them yourself.

The Pagatinu power system can be compared with the old top-up system for your calling credit on your mobile phone; you buy calling credit in a store and when it is used up you have to get new calling credit. This works the same with Pagatinu, you get electricity credit and therefore pay in advance for your usage.

Upgrading the Pagatinu system

Perhaps unnecessary, but a very useful tip; don't wait until you run out of power before buying new ones. After your power credit has run out, you are immediately in the dark and your TV, but also your refrigerator, no longer wakes up. You can not always and everywhere buy power credit immediately, especially in the evenings and weekends you have to pay close attention to this.

But how and where should you charge the Pagatinu system? This is actually quite easy. Each system has its own personal number. With this number you go to a supermarket or gas station that sells Pagatinu power credit (often recognizable outside with a Pagatinu logo).

You don't know the Pagatinu number? At the bottom of this blog you can find all Pagatinu codes to request this.

You give the number to the sales employee and he or she enters the number on a special pin card from Pagatinu. After the number has been entered and checked, you will be asked for how much power you want to top up (buy extra) for. If you have no idea about the amount of your consumption, we recommend starting with 50 ANG (guilders). This way you can take a good look at what your consumption is and how long you use it for the next time you need power.

After you have bought your power credit, you go back to your stay on Curaçao to top up the obtained credit. On the Pagatinu box you enter the numbers of your credit and then your credit will be credited to your Pagatinu account. In the screen you can see exactly how much KWH (Kilowatt hours) you have left.

Code on Pagatinu system

Request pagatinu number (this number is required to purchase electricity) # 1 0 0 #

View consumption:
Past hour # 2 7 2 #
Past 24 hours # 2 7 2 # #
Past 30 days # 2 7 2 # # #
Since the installation of the meter # 4 #
Since the last name change at Aqualectra # 4 # #

Estimated consumption:
The next 24 hours (based on the average of the last 7 days) # 27 1 #
The next 30 days, based on the average of the last 7 days) # 2 7 1 # #

How long you can still use your current credit:
Op basis van het huidige stroomverbruik # 7 4 #
Based on the last 24 hours # 7 4 # #
How much power has been used in total # 7 6 #
Which electricity tariff is currently used (1, 2 or 3) # 6 #
See how much power is currently being used # 5 0 #
Reset of total consumption in the past # 4 4 #
View consumption since the last reset # 8 7 #