Permit for internship Curaçao

Anyone who wants to do an internship in Curaçao is obliged to apply for a permit, the so-called Verklaring van Rechtswege / Legal Statement or in short the “VRW”. Even though Curaçao is a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, so in fact also Dutch, you must also apply for this internship permit with a Dutch identity.

There is sometimes confusion about this too; Immediately after submitting your internship permit application, you can already do an internship in Curaçao. You do not have to wait for the decision of the admissions committee to decide whether your permit will be approved or rejected. This is for the best, because that process can sometimes take over 4 months. In practice, it often happens that interns only receive their results when they are back in the Netherlands and their internship period on Curaçao has already ended.

Why should you apply for an internship permit?

Sometimes we get this question;

“Why should we apply for an internship permit? Isn't this just a waste of the mandatory fees you have to pay ?!”

(* Info: For an intern with Dutch nationality, the amount of the fees that must be paid when applying for the internship permit is 525 ANG.)

We certainly understand the idea, but the most important reason for applying for your internship permit simply has to do with your insurance. Without an internship permit you are not officially allowed to work or do an internship on Curaçao and you are therefore not insured. So keep this in mind if you do not request it.

Many companies, especially in healthcare, also require you to apply for an internship permit. Without a request you cannot find yourself with them on the work floor and you cannot carry out your internship. Some companies are stricter about this than others. Make sure that you are not sent away from your internship because you did not submit the application (on time).

An internship and housing in Curaçao

To apply for your internship permit, you need at least an internship and housing in Curaçao. You cannot apply for the permit earlier. If you have not yet found an internship, it is worthwhile to click on the website of CuraStage here you will find all kinds of great internship vacancies.

You can of course contact us for your accommodation in Curaçao. Our website contains all verified providers. The offered student houses and apartment / studios meet the requirements set by us. If you have a question about this, you can always contact us via the contact form or send us a WhatsApp.

Apply for a permit for Curaçao

How do you proceed and which documents do you need to submit your application? On the website of License for Curaçao, you can buy affordable, up-to-date manuals and download them directly. With this you can easily prepare and submit your application yourself. Would you rather play it safe and have the application submitted? Of course you can. View here the website for all information.