On Curaçao you will find various student houses with student rooms. One slightly larger than the other, but generally smaller than what you would probably be used to in the Netherlands. This is due to the simple reason that Curaçao is a wonderful tropical island with many, many hours of sunshine. So you are often outside!

You will soon notice that you don't actually spend that much time in your student room on Curaçao. Outside the hours that you are required to spend at your internship, you often spend the other hours on the beach, by the sea, relaxing on a lounger with a cold drink in your hand and a smile on your mouth. You will also regularly spend a day exploring the island with your fellow residents of the student house, for example to the Ostrich Farm, or perhaps very sporting the highest mountain of Curaçao; climb the Christoffelberg. In short, plenty to do 😉

What do you want in your student room

It is clear that your student room on Curaçao does not necessarily have to be large. For example, a wardrobe is great, so that you can store all your necessary swimwear and slippers and do not have to climb over them every day.

An absolute must for your room is really the fan. Your best friend during your stay on the island. Most student rooms do not have air conditioning, so a fresh breeze from a fan is really not a luxury. The temperatures can get high, especially in a bedroom. Take that little bit of noise a fan makes for granted.

As an intern on Curaçao you will undoubtedly also have to fulfill various assignments for school, which is why a desk with chair in your own room is so handy. This way you can withdraw from the hustle and bustle and all the pleasant distractions in the student house while learning or doing assignments.

Should a student room be able to be locked?

In many student houses, friends and girlfriends from outside often come by for a swim, a BBQ or a fun party. That is why we always recommend that you lock your own room. This way you can be sure that no one is snooping around your room without being asked. This does not always have to be with bad intentions, but to avoid discussions; put your valuables in your room and lock them when you are not there.

Book a student room on Curaçao

On our website www.huisvestingopcuracao.com you will find super cozy student houses with nice 1-person and 2-person student rooms on Curaçao. If you have a question about one of these student houses or the rooms, please let us know. You can then contact us via the contact form or send us a WhatsApp.