To save costs during your internship period on Curaçao, it can be a useful idea to book a double room. Most housing on Curaçao offer in their student house ore apartment, in addition to the standard 1 person student rooms, also 2 person rooms that you can share with a fellow student, friend or girlfriend. Together you can save a lot on your monthly rental costs.

Is a double room only for loving couples?

It is not at all said that if you share a room that you necessarily have to be a (romantic) set. In most double rooms there are often 2x single beds, so you do not have to share the bed with each other. In practice it is even more common that the trainees, who share a double room, are not a set then.

How do you do that with (private) visitors?

Sharing a room together is of course very pleasant and has its advantages; you can always discuss your day and of course complain about your internship 😉. However, a disadvantage that you could sometimes experience is the lack of privacy.

Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but some interns do meet someone during one of the cozy Happy Hours on Curaçao to whom they would like to show their room. And then of course preferably when there is no one else in the room. If you discuss in advance how to deal with your roommate in situations like this, there is nothing to worry about. Send a WhatsApp to each other, hang a sock or other item of clothing on the door handle, etc., so that your roommate knows that your room is off limits for a while. There are plenty of ways to think of.

Where can you book a double room?

On our website you can see with student houses on Curaçao and which rooms are available. Almost every student house offers a double room.

If this is not the case at the student house of your choice, please contact us. We in turn contact the student house to see what is possible.

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