Housing on Curaçao

You are going to do an internship on Curaçao, great fun of course! You have a great internship position and maybe even one affordable rental car, but where are you going to sleep? What will your accommodation on Curaçao be like in the coming months? Are you going for one student house, an apartment or do you prefer your own studio? Below we explain the most important advantages and disadvantages about these types of housing on Curaçao.

A student house on Curaçao

In a student house you live together with several interns and / or young workers on Curaçao. What many residents of a student house see as a great advantage is that you do not live alone. You live with people who go on the same adventure as you. This ensures that you make friends right away. And because you live with several people, there is always someone with whom you will have a good click.

You go shopping with each other, often take turns cooking and then have a nice dinner together. After dinner it is time to have a Happy Hour what you will often do with your roommates!

In a student house you will have to take into account that you live with several people. One person does not care much about mess and leaves everything lying around while the other wants everything very neat. Sometimes you come home and your package of cookies has disappeared without a trace in the kitchen 😉 This is of course a little less, but that certainly does not outweigh all the advantages.

If you would like to go on this adventure with several people, we recommend one student house .

An apartment or studio on Curaçao

Would you rather have your own place now and then and need some rest? Then you can also consider a apartment / studio as housing in Curaçao. The big advantage is that you often have your own sanitary facilities in an apartment / studio and do not have to share it with others.

Starting up on Curaçao can be a bit more difficult, because you have no roommates with whom you have direct contact. But look up the Happy Hours and this problem is gone with a few cocktails! All interns come together here to party and enjoy together.

What do we recommend for housing on Curaçao?

The biggest difference between the accommodations is mainly whether you live with several residents or not. This provides a lot of fun but also disadvantages, such as clutter, hygiene, etc.

We recommend that you just think about it carefully. The most important thing is that your accommodation is safe and that you are in the right place. After all, you are going to stay there for a number of months. At Housing on Curaçao we only offer housing that we have actually seen and that we fully support. Now it is up to you to see what suits you best. If you have any questions about housing on Curaçao or would you like advice in making your choice? Then contact us via the contact form or send us a WhatsApp. We are happy to help you with this.